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Communications satellites allow radio, television, and telephone transmissions to be sent live anywhere in the world.  The signals, which travel in straight lines, could not bend around the round Earth.  Because satellites are in orbit, the signals can be sent instantaneously into space and then redirected to another satellite or... Read More

Getting into Philadelphia to go to the museum or see a show is now more fun than ever: in 2006 SEPTA ordered 120 new commuter railcars to replace its oldest fleets of over 40 year old cars. These new trains are not just only brighter and more comfortable on the inside, they are also faster and more energy efficient than the cars... Read More

In the late 1700s, yellow fever epidemics — then thought by some to be a water-borne disease — compelled civic leaders to name a Watering Committee (forebear of the Philadelphia Water Department) to assure a constant supply of uncontaminated drinking water.  Go to ... Read More

When most people think about places like skateparks, they usually don’t consider all of the planning and structural work needed to build one. Behind the scenes, there are groups of engineers that make it possible for things like skateparks and arenas to be built. Pennoni Associates provided structural, electrical, and site design... Read More

The creation of the Philadelphia city skyline required many engineering disciplines.  Civil engineers designed the steel or concrete structure that allows the building to stand and provides the clean water and waste water systems.  Mechanical engineers create the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that allow... Read More

The Philadelphia Engineering Foundation awards high school and collegiate scholarships as part of the annual Delaware Valley Engineers Week celebration.  Many regional and national engineering technical and professional societies also award scholarships.  Search "scholarships" for more information.

Many kinds of engineers were involved in the design, construction, launch, and successful landing of the Mars Rover Curiosity, including aerospace, electrical, mechanical, and materials engineers.

There are many fun activities in which students can participate that help to explain what engineering is all about.  These can be at one day festivals or events, week long summer camps, competitions or school-based programs  Search the K-12 programs section of this website for more information.

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The Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia

The Engineers' Club of Philadelphia was started by a group of engineers in 1877.  Many engineers from the around the country came to the Centennial Exposition of 1876 in Philadelphia to view the many technical advances and modern marvels on display, and approximately 20 engineers decided that they needed to organize and communicate.  The minutes of the Club's first meeting set forth its... Read More

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Do you run an engineering-related program for K-12 students? Do you offer scholarships or internships for graduating high school seniors or college students?  We invite you to register as a program provider and add your program to this website.  Register as a program provider.  After administrator review, you'll be able to enter your programs.

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Are you looking for an opportunity to help students discover more about engineering?  Volunteer opportunities can range from a assisting with a single day program to providing direct mentoring to a group of students for several months.  Opportunities range from behind-the-scenes support to direct, hands-on involvement. Look for Volunteer Opportunities

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Often you want to help, but your time is a rare commodity.  Many of the educational programs can use your support in other ways.  Sometimes, you are able to contribute with financial support, or perhaps you have other materials, such as software or equipment that you can donate to help a program with its ongoing mission.  Look for Donation Opportunities.